Incorporation of the company ’Barbosa e Almeida’ (dedicated to the commercialization of bottles) by the partners Raul da Silva Barbosa and Domingos de Almeida.
Beginning of industrial activity in Campanhã (Porto) with semi-automatic technology. The company changes it’s name to ’Fábrica de Vidros Barbosa e Almeida, Lda.’
Introduction of Automated Technology: introduction of innovated technology in Portugal by the installation of automatic feeder mechanism and molding machine in bottle manufacturing.

Purchase of the third automatic machine, increasing weekly production to approximately 350 thousand bottles (a capacity six times superior to that of eighteen years before).
Beginning of operation of the new industrial unit in Avintes (Vila Nova de Gaia), with two regenerative furnaces (with heat recovery) - state-of-the-art technology in relation to the traditional melting method of raw-materials.
Installation of the first automatic IS (Individual Section) machine, which lead to a substantial increase of the installed capacity.
Transformation in a public limited liability company with the name ’BA - Fábrica de Vidros Barbosa & Almeida, SARL’

The production depends on five IS machines, one of which computerized.
Installation of a new regenerative furnace. Reconversion of equipment, introduction of a new technology in the area of computerized molding and extending automated product quality control to all production lines.
José Augusto da Silva Domingues acquires the shares owned by Sogrape (77%) and Vinícola Vale do Dão (3%) and controls 80% of the social capital.

Listing in the Lisbon Stock Exchange. José Augusto Silva Domingues remains a reference shareholder, owning a majority interest of about 54% of the social capital.
Construction of a new furnace that increased capacity by approximately 40%, and confirming the company’s leadership in Portugal in manufacturing glass packaging.
BA acquires 94,5% of ’CIVE - Companhia Industrial Vidreira, SA’, from the state, a company located in Marinha Grande, with three furnaces.

Merge by incorporation of CIVE in BA.

A company by Sonae Group acquires 19,9% of the social capital from the inherators of José Augusto Domingues and, as a result of a shareholder agreement, 49,9% of the voting rights and controls management of the company.
Incorporation of the Spanish company ’BA - Fabrica de Envases de Vidrio Barbosa & Almeida, SA’, (90,15% of the capital held by BA), and construction of a factory with one furnace in Villafranca de los Barros.
Acquisition, by means of Public Offer of Acquisition, of 54,3% of ’Vidriera Leonesa, SA’ (VILESA), a company with a industrial unit in Léon (Spain), with two furnaces. Progressive increase of BA’s ownership stake until 99% of the social capital.

Capital increase to 37,5 million euros (the current share capital).
The Sonae Group ownership stakes reaches 49,9%.

Merge of the Spanish companies ’BA - Fábrica de Envases de Vidrio Barbosa & Almeida, SA’ and ’Vidriera Leonesa, SA’ and change of the company name to ’BA Vidrio, SA’.

BA ceases to be listed on the stock exchange and has as its sole shareholder ’Bar-Bar-Idade Glass - Serviços de Gestão e Investimentos, SA’ a company whose shareholders are a Sonae Capital, SGPS, SA; Bar-Bar-Idade, SGPS, SA (held by Carlos Moreira da Silva); and the Silva Domingues Family.

Management Buy Out (MBO): Carlos Moreira da Silva, the Silva Domingues Family and the Board members and Senior Employees of the BA acquire the entire share capital.

The company changes its name to ’BA Vidro, SA’ and the mother company changes its name to ’BA Glass I - Serviços de Gestão e Investimentos, SA’.
Acquisition of the Sotancro Group which allowed the BA group’s to broaden its product range and client portfolio to include the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors.

Acquisition of the Polish group Warta Glass.

The above mentioned acquisition allows BA Group to achieve a geographical expansion of its market to Eastern Europe, which represents a step forward into the Groups internationalization.

On the other hand the referred acquisition allows BA Group to broaden its product range and client portfolio, reinforcing its position on the spirits segment.


Merger by incorporation of Sotancro in BA.

Acquisition of HNG Global, a German glass packaging company headquartered in Gardelegen, West of Berlin.

With this new plant, BA expands its market into Central Europe adding it to its current portfolio of sales in the largest European Market. This new plant allows us to create synergies between operations and improves the service to our international customer base, while increasing our understanding of the market.

Consequently, BA Group currently comprises eight factories and has a daily production of more than 14 million units - bottles and jars - for customers operating in the Food & Beverage industries.

Acquisition of 25% of Anchor Glass.

Acquisition of Yioula Group, composed of 4 plants in 3 countries: Greece (Athens), Bulgaria (Sofia and Plovdiv) and Romania (Bucharest). With these new additions, the group currently produces more than 20 million units daily.

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