BA Glass is present in 7 countries, producing over 8 billion containers in 11 colors annually. With a total of twelve plants and 3.800 employees, BA distributes glass packaging to more than 80 countries around the world.

The plants are structured in terms of size and technology and the production lines are specialized to satisfy the different needs for glass packaging for the food & beverage industries.

All factories are equipped with modern automatic inspection machines that verify 100% of the products to guarantee the conformity of their physical and dimensional characteristics. In addition to this inspection on the production lines, laboratory tests are also performed to control the surface treatment, capacity, resistance to heat and pressure and others.

As a result of these efforts, BA became a reference supplier to the main food & beverage industries, where it stands out due to the quality of its products and the ability to, together with the customers, find innovative and flexible solutions. NEW FURNACE IN PLOVDIV (BULGARIA)

In 2019, BA will rebuild the Furnace PV 4 with the increased capacity from 180 t/day to 390 t/day.
The new PV FU4 will be high efficiency end-fired regenerative furnace.
The project will not negatively impact the environment because in the frame of previous investment project the plant operator has installed a new common filter to all furnaces in operation on BA Plovdiv territory. The new treatment plant includes an electrostatic filter with additional equipment for reducing nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides emissions. The new treatment facility will assure compliance with air emission levels in accordance with the Best Available Techniques in the glass industry.
For the planned investment project, the plant operator has started legal procedures for issue of new IPPC permit.
Research and development projects